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Snoop Gives Wiz Khalifa Too Much Weed

Rumor has it that rapper Wiz Khalifa has officially moved to Hollywood, the land of liberal weed laws and, more importantly, marijuana godfather Snoop Dogg. With a pocketful of “pre-rolled doobs,” Wiz Khalifa and West Coast icon Snoop Dogg hit up R&B Live in Hollywood to live like rock stars. Both rappers, engulfed in clouds of smoke, posed in pictures with women who were looking for a quick “mobile upload” to add to their prized Facebook galleries.

It was as if the cameras were nonexistent, as Wiz and Snoop blazed openly and even demonstrated some “weed smoke tricks,” while exhaling high quality medical marijuana into the atmosphere. Wiz seems to be enjoying the comforts of California and its recent law that now deems the possession of 1 ounce or less of medical marijuana as a mere traffic infraction instead of a misdemeanor.

In other news, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa released a new song today (Jan. 6) called “That Good,” where they rap about the L.A. lifestyle that they’re clearly living. Rolling out was at R&B Live in Hollywood capturing the festivities, and we’re bringing the exclusive right to you.


Why Wiz Khalifa is Open about Marijuana Use

Wiz Khalifa was arrested on Nov. 9 in Greenville, N.C., after his concert. Police reportedly seized more than 60 grams of marijuana on his tour bus. Since becoming one of the hottest young rappers in hip-hop, Wiz Khalifa has expressed his affinity for marijuana. During a recent interview with rolling out, the Pittsburgh, Pa., native discussed why he’s honest about his feelings on marijuana.

“It’s just something that comes with the territory,” he says. “My fans are into me for the complete package of reasons that they are into me. You can’t take one or two of those things away and have my fans still love me. The same things that we used to build [our buzz] are going to be the same things that are going to be there as we progress. But I’ve always been pretty open about it. There will be a point where I could chill, but right now I’m over Marijuana Inc. I feel like people make other extracurricular things seem cool and their ways are more dangerous. Marijuana is a universal thing.”

In an upcoming cover story in rolling out, Wiz Khalifa will discuss his rise to fame, the Taylor Gang clothing line, and how his life has changed over the last 12 months. –a.r

-via rollingout

Also, in other news today. I picked up the USA Today and they have Wiz Khalifa’s new song, “Bad Guy” as one of the top picks of the week in the music section. Now thats G.