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ID Labs in Lawrenceville keeps Pittsburgh on the hip-hop map

e dan at id labs

Nobody thinks about coming to Pittsburgh to make a hit record.

Hey, that’s their loss.

For planet-spanning rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, it was at a cozy little music studio in an industrial section of upper Lawrenceville where they found the sounds that would put them on top of the music world.

ID Labs Productions doesn’t look like much on the outside. It has no sign on the door. Boards cover the windows — courtesy of some knuckleheads who decided to shoot out the glass with a BB gun. It’s just another anonymous unmarked building in an area full of them.

Step inside, though, and you’re more or less in Eric “E.” Dan’s living room, surrounded by his record collection. Conspicuously absent are platinum records, expensive booze on ice, or a restive entourage of bodyguards. Instead, the colors are warm, the lights are low. Cigarette smoke curls through the air. Posters and framed records of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Fela Kuti gaze down from the walls, as if lending their tacit approval.
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ID Labs Named To “Top 15 New Producers To Watch Out For” By Complex

e. dan big jerm

Complex says: Wiz Khalifa’s biggest hits might be crafted by pop producers like Benny Blanco and Stargate, but he’s stayed close to his long-time Pittsburgh collaborators, ID Labs. Comprised of E. Dan and Big Jerm, the duo first found Wiz back in the day and they produced the majority of his excellent major label debut, Rolling Papers. Plus, they also work closely with Mac Miller and are producing the majority of his upcoming album, Blue Slide Park, as well. The duo is an easy pick for this list since they’ve got the kind of catchy beats that don’t sacrifice the attention to detail or artistry that makes good music.

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Muzik’s My Life & Pittsburgh Sound Interview: Sledgren

My friends over at Muziks My Life just sent over an interview they were recently able to do with one of my favorite members from Taylor Gang, Sledgren. Checkout the great article below:

In association with my man Tevin, founder of Pittsburgh Sound, I’m privileged to present this new interview with Taylor Gang and 2011 XXL Freshman Producer Sledgren, who’s most prominent production credit to date comes as Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & OJ fruits of labor, “Never Been”! Originally intended to take place over the phone, our interview ultimately occurred through email. Why was Sledgren’s production famously absent from Wiz Khalifa’s debut album? How does he feel Rolling Papers compares to Kush & OJ? Find out that and more below…

Muzik’s My Life: Your real name is Edward, so how did your moniker Sledgren come to fruition?
Sledgren: I used to be called Edgerrin because of the football player [Edgerrin James] and somehow, someone added an ‘sl’ and changed the spelling.

As a gamer, how do video games tend to influence your productions?
Music period influences me the most. Video games give me other outlets for ideas.

How do emotions tie into your productions? Do you ever produce something based on the way you feel at the time, or a type of emotion you want the instrumental to portray?
Not at all. I just make beats, save them, and keep going.

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New Wiz Khalifa Songs

Just joking. These are mashups, not official songs…aka someone took verses from 2 different songs and made one song. The only reason i’m posting these is because the production is top notch and they could pass as real songs. Light up a plane n enjoy these. Happy Monday!

Grab the download links on our forums

shouts to DNK & AHF