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Khalifa Throwback Thursday: Wiz Khalifa – Weed Roller Ft Chevy Woods

Earlier this week, on September 16th, Wiz Khalifa’s classic mixtape, ‘Star Power’, turned 6 years old. Since it’s an anniversary of sorts, it’s only right this weeks ‘Khalifa Throwback Thursday‘ takes us back to that release.

Throughout the tape, Wiz had many original tracks mixed in with a few great freestyles/remixes. On track #18 Wiz & his partner in crime, Chevy Woods (Kev Tha Hustler at the time), slapped out a remix to R. Kelly’s, “Hair Braider”, and created “Weed Roller.”

Wiz really KILLED this hook!


Download: Wiz Khalifa – Weed Roller Ft Chevy Woods

-shout to @MarleyChampagne for the suggestion

Video: Wiz Khalifa Plays A Game Of “Over/Under”

Recently, Wiz Khalifa sat down with Pitchfork to play a game of “Over/Under.” Some of the questions that Wiz answers with “underrated” or “overrated” included – smoking weed in space, marriage, dream catchers and more.

Wiz NEEDS to be the first person to smoke weed in space.

Wiz Khalifa Covers The Source

Wiz Khalifa’s mug take the spot on the cover of The Source’s annual Power 30 issue. For the cover story, Wiz spoke on the balance between being a father and being a musician and who inspires him musically.


On balancing his career and being a father:
The hardest part is being away from my son at any point in time. I want to spend all day with him, all night, I want to wake up with him, feed him, teach him everything, it’s just not humanly possible.

On his musical inspirations:
I remember like Bob Marley, he listened to a lot of Prince, he really listened to everything my dad’s music was like a wide range, all the hits all the classics. He still puts me onto stuff, I mean when I was doing Kush & Orange Juice the reason I did David Ruffin for the cover was because of my dad. I mean I knew The Temptations, everyone knows The Temptations but my dad had really showed me David Ruffin’s solo career, and the stuff he was doing, we sat down and we listened to those records and it was just like a spiritual thing, and I was able to like put that on to the world as well.

The issue will hit stands soon!

Khalifa Throwback Thursdays: Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill

For this weeks ‘Khalifa Throwback Thursday‘ joint, chose “The Thrill” from Wiz Khalifa’s 2009 release, ‘Burn After Rolling’. This one was loved by Taylors for its great party vibes and most notably the “Wake Up Drunk, Go To Sleep Fucked Up” line.

As you may or may not know, the song used Empire Of The Sun’s “Walking On A Dream” as a sample. That tune with Wiz on it was an instant match made in heaven, creating a classic Khalifa banger. Enjoy this weeks throwback.


Download: Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Sets Off Fire Alarms; Interrupts Conan’s Opening Monologue

Last night, in the middle of performing his opening monologue, Conan O’Brien was interrupted when smoke alarms went off. As it turns out, Wiz Khalifa was the man behind it, because he was blazing up back stage the smoke set off the alarms. For late night TV this made it even more hilarious.

Skip to around the 4:00 mark of the video to see when the alarms went off. Go to 11:45 for when they come back from commercial and discover that it’s Wiz.

If you missed Wiz performing on the show, watch that – HERE