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Wiz Khalifa Announces New Fall Tour

You want to hear a secret?? Wiz Khalifa is going on tour this fall in support of his latest release ‘Blacc Hollywood’. Of course keep it down as this is a big secret.

Today, Wiz has announced the ‘Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour’, a tour that will last several weeks through October and November. Instead of the accustomed arenas and pavilions, Wiz is taking it a step back and performing in small venues. The Pittsburgh venue, Mr. Smalls holds just 650 people, but will have 3 straight dates.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, see yinz there!


Amber Rose Gets More Than $1 Million From Wiz Khalifa In Prenup

I do apologize for slightly turning into a gossipy blog lately, but stories continue to pour out regarding Amber Rose’s divorce from Wiz Khalifa.

wiz amb

Today, TMZ has learned that Amber will receive more than $1,000,000, thanks to a prenup she demanded before the wedding. The prenup is more than 8 pages and includes numerous demands.

The reason she wants the prenup enforced is because she will receive more money in her 1 year marriage than she would have without a prenup.

Additionally, Amber wants spousal support plus her million dollars. TMZ says, however, the prenup denies her the right to spousal support if given the 1-time payout.

The fact that Amber says that “cheating” occurred is irrelevant. The state of California is a “no-fault” state and infidelity is not mentioned in the document.

One more tidbit from TMZ – the prenup, thankfully, does not mention custody. The judge will make that decision, based on the child’s best interests. Amber is seeking both full legal and physical custody.

Amber Rose Calls Out Wiz Khalifa On Twitter; Accuses Him Of Cheating [Updated: Wiz Finally Speaks]

Amber Rose has broken her silence regarding her divorce to Wiz Khalifa. Just moments ago, the model sent out the following tweets, accusing Wiz of cheating on her. Wiz has yet to speak on the subject, but expect something soon!

wiz amberr

TMZ has more on Amber Rose’s claims

Update: Wiz Khalifa has finally spoke, posting the following tweet.

Additionally, Wiz posted the following pic of himself with his pup, Winston

I would not expect him to speak on the matter, as Wiz normally strays away from controversy and gossip headlines. If he does however, have anything to say, you can bet we’ll have it as soon as it happens.

A Day In The Life Of Ty Dolla $ign

We caught up with Ty Dolla $ign for a glimpse of his daily lifestyle in LA. We captured Ty taking mushrooms on a tour bus, getting a tattoo and hitting the crib to smoke and drink with friends. The Taylor Gang artist also breaks down some of his tattoos and introduces us to his ‘Dolla $ign special’ weed while breaking down how to roll a joint like him. After the house visit we follow Ty to a performance and capture him signing some merchandise for fans. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe for all of our exclusive content from the biggest stars in urban music live from the UK & LA..