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Wiz Khalifa Rumors

Could Wiz Khalifa Be Featured On Britney Spears Next Album?

Britney Spears is currently working on her 8th studio album. Over the weekend Jean Baptiste, tweeted Wiz Khalifa asking him for a verse for Brit. Baptiste is a song writer, who co-wrote Britney & Will.I.Am’s smash hit “Scream & Shout.

Wiz Khalifa Plans To Release His 3rd Studio Album This Year

Its been a mear four months since the release of his sophomore album, “ONIFC”, which dropped on Decemeber 4th. Today Wiz Khalifa revealed to Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he plans to release a new album this year, in 2013. He expresses that he has a lot on his mind due to having a child. Additionally, Wiz says that The Bash will not be featured on any of his tracks ala Jay-Z.

Wiz Khalifa Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter

Wiz Khalifa has filed a lawsuit suing a concert promotion company for “damage to his reputation.” Wiz was scheduled to perform at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virgina on December 6th of last year, but Wiz claims that It’s My Party Inc., the company who booked him for the show, cancelled the concert at the last moment.
In the lawsuit, the new father states that It’s My Party was to pay him $85,000 and a portion of the profits from the event. Wiz believes he is also owed damages because the late cancellation hurt his credibility.

For more head on over to TMZ

Wiz Khalifa Records With Kelly Rowland

This past week has seen Wiz Khalifa get back to work after the birth of “Bash.” Over the weekend Wiz hit the studio to record with former Destiny’s Child star singer, Kelly Rowland. While it is unknown where this track will land, we expect it land on Kelly’s upcoming album “Talk A Good Game.” Also worth noting is that Pharrell & Akon joined the duo in the studio which you can see in the picture below.

Wiz Khalifa & Machine Gun Kelly Hit The Studio Together

Several times over the past year Wiz Khalifa has given praise to Machine Gun Kelly and even brought out Kelly in his hometown of Cleveland during the 2050 Tour. Last night the duo finally got to hit the studio together and record some tracks. Below is a tweet from Wiz who talks about track as well as a couple pictures.

Wiz Khalifa & MGK

Wiz Khalifa & MGK

Wiz Khalifa Brings Out Machine Gun Kelly In Cleveland

Last night Wiz Khalifa’s 2050 tour made it’s stop in Cleveland, Ohio. During the show Wiz Khalifa brought out hometown hero, Machine Gun Kelly who gave a little performance of his own.

Wiz recently tweeted about MGK when his debut album came out

“Make sure yall get my homie @machinegunkelly ‘s album “Lace Up” I remember he used to be at my OG shows front row now that fool gotta album.”

Additionally MGK flipped Wiz’s single “Work Hard Play Hard” earlier this week to create “Smoke Hard.”

Hopefully we can see a collaboration from these guys soon! Check out a pic of them performing below, hopefully we’ll have video in a couple hours!

mgk wiz khalifa

Update: Here is a little bit of video from last nights show. Go to 2:35 to see MGK!

Cabin Fever 2 Ready To Drop At Anytime?

Last year, when Wiz Khalifa dropped off his “Cabin Fever” mixtape, he did so unannounced and unexpectedly. I think that we should expect something similar to happen again between now and Friday night. Just moments ago Wiz tweeted the following which made “Cabin Fever 2″ trend on twitter. Check with us hourly this week as we will continue to update you on the release of the new tape!

cabin fever 2

Wiz Khalifa To Release “Cabin Fever 2″ Before Friday??

Wiz Khalifa has recently been hinting at the release of a squeal to his 2011 mixtape “Cabin Fever”. Recently Wiz tweeted saying that he wants to drop it before embarking on the “2050 Tour”. The tour begins on October 12th, so be on the lookout for news about a Cabin Fever 2 release this week.

Wiz Khalifa & Cam’ron Get To Work

If you’ve watched any interviews from Wiz Khalifa over the past few years then theirs a good chance you heard him speak on his desire to work with Cam’ron aka killa cam. Cam’ron has always been one of Wiz’s favorite rappers and a great inspiration to him, so you can expect this collabo to be something serious. Stay Tuned.

iz camw

Wiz Khalifa And Pharrell Get To Work

Can you say hit record?? Pharrell & Wiz Khalifa hit the studio last night to get some work done, Wiz rapping on a Pharrell beat would have to be a crazy song. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor artists that Wiz Khalifa is working with as he prepares for ‘Taylor Allderdice’ & ‘O.N.I.F.C’.

wiz khalifa pharrell

wiz khalifa pharrell

wiz khalifa p