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Wiz Khalifa To Perform With The Roots On Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Another off day comes for Wiz Khalifa from the Under The Influence Of Music tour is anything but that!

Tonight, Wiz and DJ Bonics will be joined by The Roots on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where they will put on a performance of “Stayin’ Out All Night.”

Bonics shared the following rehearsal pics on instagram:

Young Thug Photoshops His Face Into Wiz Khalifa’s Body For New Album Cover

Ummmmm….Young Thug has taken “swagger jacking” to a whole new level.

Today, Young Thug released his album, ‘1017 Thug 2‘. What is incredibly weird about it is, Thug’s album cover is a recent picture of Wiz Khalifa with Thug’s face photoshopped in. Everything is the same as you can see below, even most of the neck tattoos.

We always knew Wiz was a trend setter, but uh…this seems a bit overboard. Anyone care to explain this??


As it turns out, this album was released through Thug’s ’1017 Label’, which he currently owes obligations to and does not want to be a part of. It’s very possible that Thug never saw it at all and it was all the labels doing. I think we’ll get a full explanation soon.

Update: Wiz has responded on twitter


Wiz Khalifa Reveals Official ‘Blacc Hollywood’ Artwork

Earlier today we got the release date of Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album, ‘Blacc Hollywood‘. Now, Wiz has confirmed the release and revealed the official artwork.

The cover features a shirtless Wiz rocking two chains, while blowing smoke and showing off his crazy hair do. The best part of the artwork to me though is the way Wiz showsoff that 412 tat!


August 19th it all goes down!

Ty Dolla $ign Covers FADER’s Summer Issue

Ty Dolla $ign & the Taylor Gang continue to impact hiphop. Today, FADER revealed their ‘Summer Music’ magazine cover featuring non other than Ty himself.


Here’s a couple interesting quotes from his cover story:

On his lyrics:
?I?m not tryna promote being the best f-cking American man,? says Ty. ?I?m promoting partying and having fun and being that type of American. I don?t wanna hurt nobody?s feelings. I?m not gonna front and act like your boyfriend. I?m out here, you know what I?m saying? I?m about to go on tour! It?s like running for the presidency… except without a wife.

On his crew, and falling in with the West Side Rollin 20s Bloods:
?We?re not promoting gangbanging here,? he says, explaining that he was always more focused on music than the life. ?Luckily, I got the homies that I got and kept me from doing some stupid shit, and I ended up here, not dead or in jail. That?s what they tell you about gangbangers, one of two things: dead or in jail. I just try to promote positivity. It?s not really worth it.?

Picture: Wiz Khalifa Smokes A Blunt

Once upon a time, Wiz Khalifa smoked blunts heavy. You’ve probably heard the numerous blunt references through his work on projects like Prince Of The City, Grow Season, POC 2, Show & Prove, etc..

While recording, ‘How Fly’ with Curren$y in 2009, Spitta helped Wiz change his smoking philosophy and turned him onto planes. The papers were said to be a healthier and cleaner alternative to a blunt wrapper.

Now, for the first time in years, we see a picture of Wiz smoking a blunt?!? Wiz offers no explanation for it, but posted it on his new tumblr page.

Wiz’s latest mixtape, ‘28 Grams’, offers a number of paper references and no mentions of blunts. This picture is very peculiar, but we’re assuming Wiz did this as a one time thing and he’ll be back to smoking papers asap.


Wiz Khalifa Reveals ’28 Grams’ Mixtape Artwork

Wiz Khalifa took to twitter earlier to release the artwork for his upcoming mixtape, ’28 Grams.’ The early release of the art leads us to believe that the tape should be coming any day now.

The text on the tap reads “28 Grams” and “Trap Wiz”. We’re assuming Trap Wiz will deliver familiar “cabin fever like” sounds.


Pictures: Wiz Khalifa “We Dem Boyz” Video Shoot

Early this morning (Monday March 10th), Wiz Khalifa headed to Atlanta to shoot the music video for his club banging single, “We Dem Boyz.” Joining him on the set was his Taylor Gang + many well known rappers, the artists present included Rich Home Quan, Young Thug, DJ Infamous, DJ Holliday, Big K.R.I.T., Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign, Tuki Carter and Rolls Royce Rizzy. Look for the video and behind the scenes video to come soon!

‘Blacc Hollywood’ is on the way!

Wiz Khalifa We Dem Boyz Video Shoot

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Wiz Khalifa Hangs With Terry Richardson, Cara Delevingne, & More At Paris Fashion Week

Wiz Khalifa is overseas for Paris Fashion Week 2014. While there, Wiz has been hanging out with some big name celebrities, and he’s shared the experience on his Instagram. Earlier we showed you he was hanging out with Kate Moss. Since then Wiz has been spotted alongside the likes of Terry Richardson, Cara Delevingne and Swizz Beatz.

Terry Richardson:

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