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Amber Rose’s Family Did Not Approve Of Wiz Khalifa’s Race

Late, last summer, Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose split, as they divorced just one year after their marriage. In a new interview with E!, Amber Rose revealed that her family did not attend her wedding with Wiz Khalifa, because of his dark skin. Talking though tears, Amber spoke on her family, whom think that their skin color is superior to others. So stupid.


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Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa No Longer Wants To Be Labeled As A “Stoner”

In a new interview with HardKnockTV, Wiz Khalifa discusses a number of things including Mac Miller leaving Rostrum, what would make the perfect artist, and more. Wiz also breaks down his 5 favorite rap albums of all time.

The most notable part of the interview comes when Wiz explains that he doesn’t want to be labeled as a “stoner” anymore. Wiz explained that he wants to be known as more than just that as he makes more major moves.

Video: Wiz Khalifa & B-Real Hot Box The Whip

The legend, B-Real is known for his youtube series, “The Smokebox.” in the newest episode, the show has nabbed one of their biggest guests yet, Wiz Khalifa. For 13+ minutes, Wiz & B (plus Ricky P, Berner & Motor in the back), smoke out the whip as B asks numerous questions.

At one point in the interview, Wiz even admits to smoking with Billy Ray Cyrus. As the video rolls on, things get really cloudy to the point that you can’t even seen the boys in the back seat and everyone begins coughing and choking as they get high as hell.

this hot box has to be some kind of world record, right?

Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Critics, New Album & More With HardKnockTV

Nick Huff Barili of Hard Knock TV, in collaboration with sits down with Wiz Khalifa for in-depth interview. In part 1 Wiz talks to Nick Huff Barili about the meaning and inspiration behind his new album Blacc Hollywood, working with producer Detail on We Dem Boyz plus getting Nas on remix. As the interview continues Wiz shares his creative process for coming up with songs and talks about balancing music, being an entrepreneur and raising a his son. Wiz continues by shedding some light into twitter back and forth he had with critic Brandon Soderberg of Spin Magazine. Wiz also walks us through his inspiration behind one of our favorite tracks on the album House On The Hills. “Its really hard to escape the stereotypes that people kind of think are old school…its still the exact same way. If you see a black kid whether he has tattoos or whether he has baggy clothes or whatever a lot of people feel threatened…We are in a day and age were that should be completely over with…I still kind of go through that…I wrote that before the Mike Brown thing happened. With that its exactly what I was talking about.” Part 1 resumes with Wiz talking about the crucial role his Mother has played in his career and shares what he thinks are keys to being a great live performer.

Watch: Wiz Khalifa’s First Interview Since His Divorce

A couple weeks back, it was announced that Amber Rose would divorce from Wiz Khalifa. Since then, we have yet to hear from Wiz Khalifa in any interviews or anything. Today, The Source released their new interview with him.

Although Wiz danced around any private happenings in his life, he reminded fans to smile every day and stretch.

Additionally, Wizzle spoke on “You & Your Friends” being the newest ‘Blacc Hollywood’ single, working with his friends Big Sean & Curren$y, finding new music and more.

Wiz Khalifa In Playboy

Everyone reads Playboy for the articles, right?? Err okay…maybe not! Anyways, if you actually took the time to read anything on the pages of this months Playboy (why would you?), you’ll find an article featuring Wiz Khalifa.

wiz khalifa playboy

Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Not Using Violence In His Music

Wiz Khalifa is a fun-loving, easygoing guy, and he’s one of the few artists out there who’s comfortable selling his authentic self as opposed to some violence-prone gangster turned emcee. Khalifa reveals in an exclusive interview with VladTV that he’s most comfortable being himself and has no desire to praise violence on his records, though he does get its appeal to certain audiences and enjoys a lot of it himself.