Taylor Gang

What is Taylor Gang?

Taylor Gang is Wiz Khalifa’s clique/crew that he runs with. The name Taylor Gang originated from group members always wearing Chuck Taylors. Others say it came from his hometown highschool, Taylor Allderdice (Pittsburgh, PA). Now-a-days, Taylor Gang is more then just a crew. Its a lifestyle, aka Taylor Gang Life$tyle. If you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa.. then you’re Taylor Gang! Just be sure to keep it G! Taylor Gang has a little saying, Taylor Gang or Die which has started a huge trend on the internet. So you know what that means its Taylor Gang or visit another site! Keep it 100 Taylors!

Taylor Gang members are as followed: (click for their twitter)

Wiz Khalifa
Chevy Woods
Big Lonn
Gangsta Will
Juicy J

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