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Wiz Khalifa Rode His ‘Own Little Cloud’ To The Movie Awards

Although Wiz Khalifa definitely brought a party to the stage with his 2012 MTV Movie Awards performance, would you believe that the “Work Hard, Play Hard” rapper almost didn’t make it to the show?

As it turns out, just hours before Wiz was scheduled to perform, the Pittsburgh native was stranded at the airport in Dallas.

“I was worried [I wasn't going to make it]. I don’t know what happened. I think my plane got [blown] the wrong way so we had to, like, make it go back the right way.”

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When asked when he actually arrived in Universal City, the rapper responded, “Just now actually,” adding that he wasn’t too worried about cutting it close; he knew he’d make it in on time.

We then asked his fiancée, Amber Rose, if she was worried about her man getting to the show on time.

“No, he always makes it,” she said, clearly experienced with Khalifa’s close-call arrivals. “I was here actually, waiting for him.”

So how exactly did Khalifa make it from the airport to our show in such a timely manner? Did they have to enlist a police escort?

“No, no, I’m already on my own little cloud that I float in on,” Khalifa said sincerely. “So I rode that.”


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