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Wiz Khalifa’s Best Weed Smoking Songs

Since today is 4/20 and so many of you taylors are out there smoking weed in your Wiz Khalifa rolling papers we decided to give you what we consider are the ten best Wiz Khalifa “weed” songs (these songs can hold you over till Wizdom drops tonight). Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it!

10. Surface To Air With Curren$y

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9. Thrown

8. Gone

7. Huey Newton With Curren$y

6. Young, Wild & Free With Snoop Dogg

5. Heart & Soul

4. Still Blazin

3. Time Goes By

2. Up

1.5. Who I Am

1. The Race E. Dan really wanted this song on the list so I decided to add it! Good choice if you ask me!

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