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Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Concert Review 2-25 (Pics/Vids/Set-List)

Friday night Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa shut down the Collesium in Morgantown, West Virginia. We were on hand to get plenty of videos and pictures so this article is definitely worth checking out. The sold out show was packed with over 10,000 people in attendance to see the new “Cheech and Chong”. After waiting in the freezing cold to get into the Collesium the show started at 7:30 with WVU’s own Huey Mack taking the stage. I really wanted to root for the kid but on this night he just did not have it and by the middle of his set many people around me were getting restless and began booing him. After he finally got off stage the real part of the show started with Snoop Doggs artists taking the stage. Most notable were Mac Shawn 100, Young Pilot and Kurupt among others spitting to the crowd. Each artist performed a medley of their songs, their set ended with Kurupt performing “XXplosive”, a song off Dr. Dre’s album “Chronic 2001″.

wiz khalifa wvu

Now it was time for the party to begin as Wiz Khalifa came out to “Phone Numbers” off “Cabin Fever“. He kept the new songs going as he performed “Gangbang” followed by “On My Level”.

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Next Wiz went into a couple cuts off “B.A.R.” with the song “B.A.R.” followed by the fan favorite “The Thrill” before moving onto “Kush & Orange Juice” songs. He performed several songs off this tape and had the building going crazy for “In The Cut” and “Kid Frankie”. Wiz kept the crowds momentum going when he dropped “Taylor Gang” for the all the taylors in the building. He performed his first verse from the song and Chevy Woods also performed his verse. Wiz then introduced the crowd to Chevy and told them about his upcoming mixtape “Red Cup Music” before letting Chevy perform his party favorite song “Jimmy Fallon”. After Chevy had his moment Wiz went back to performing new songs including the new singles “Roll Up” and “That Good”.

At one point someone threw a blunt on stage which Wiz took it and threw it to the back of the stage. Wiz continued his set with older songs for the taylors who have been rocking him for awhile. Wiz Khalifa closed his set by bringing up the Taylor Gang on stage for “Black & Yellow” and wished the crowd goodbye with “This Plane”.

By the end of this set I think I might have been high and I didn’t even smoke, there was so much weed in the building everywhere you looked there were clouds of smoke.

snoop dogg wvu

As much as I loved Wiz’s set and as much as I rock with Wiz Khalifa, the OG Snoop Dogg stole the show on this night. Unfortunately a lot of taylors in West Virginia left after Wiz’s performance due to the fact that it took almost an hour for them to get the mics working correctly. Snoop eventually came out to a rocking crowd wearing a jump suit, with his song “I Wanna Rock” and then performed “P-I-M-P”.

These opening songs set the stage for one of his biggest hits “Next Episode” which he had originally recorded with Dr. Dre for the “Chronic” album

Snoop performed something for everyone as he went on to perform new and old songs alike. These included “Kush”, “Gin & Juice”, “I Wanna Fuck You”, “That’s That”, “Nothing But A “G” Thang” and others. During this he took out his blunt and started smoking on stage and the crowd followed making it quite cloudy in the Colliseum.

The highlight of the night for me came when he payed tribute to the greats Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.. He started this tribute by rapping “Hail Mary” then performed “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” in honor of Tupac.

To honor Biggie, Snoop performed “Hypnotize” and had the crowd singing along with him.

Snoop kept the fans on their heels when he invited some of the girls from the crowd onto the stage for his new single “Wet”. He dedicated this part of the show to the ladies and performed his hits “Sensual Seduction” and “Beautiful”.

Although the show was close to coming to an end Snoop Dogg got the crowd jumping and partying when he dropped House Of Pains “Jump Around” and then performed “Drop It Like Its Hot”. Before leaving he made sure everyone knew his name by rapping his song “Who Am I?”.

This really was such an amazing night where two very talented artists gave the crowd what they paid for and more. I hope these two end up touring together for “High School” because the rest of the world has to experience a night like this. The show which started at 7:30 did not end until nearly midnight!
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Look below at the set-lists from the night

Wiz Khalifa Set-list
Phone Numbers
Gang Bang
On My Level
The Thrill
Waken Baken
Never Been
Still Blazin
In The Cut
Kid Frankie
Taylor Gang
Jimmy Fallon
In My Car
Roll Up
That Good
ATL Freestyle
Car Service
Ink My Whole Body
Black & Yellow
This Plane

Snoop Dogg Set-list (Sorry, I know I’m missing a few)
I Wanna Rock
Next Episode
Gin & Juice
I Wanna Fuck You
That’s That
Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang
Hail Mary
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Sensual Seduction
Jump Around
Drop It Like Its Hot
Who Am I?


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